Hook up water line to fridge from sink

Here are the instructions for the Watts ice maker kit model K It has plastic tubing, other kits are available with copper tubing if you prefer.

I you are still unclear if you visit the Plumbing department at your local Home Depot. The associate from that department would be happy to help you choose the best option for your situation.

Sign In to join the community Help. Customers Show Off Project Ideas: Garden Club Project Ideas: Indoor Decor Project Ideas: Outdoor Living Project Ideas: I need to know how to hook up my water line to my frige and the sink is on the other side of the kitchen, I no the line will have to go through the wall. Not what you were looking for?

Should I attempt a new fridge water line installation or just hire a professional.

Try posting a question. Like 0 Comment 2 Stay updated Report. Thank you for your inquiry. But when I turn the handle to turn on the hot water on the faucet to wash dishes one handle faucet , hot water was also running through the ice maker water line not hooked up to fridge yet. I did turn the cold water back on under the sink and then cold water was coming out of the water line.

How to Install a Water Line for a Refrigerator | Ashlee Marie - real fun with real food

So, by turning off the valve for the cold water, even though the hot water isn't hooked up to the ice maker line, hot water will still come through the line???? Thanks so much for your help! And no, we did not pierce the pipe. We bought a "Adapt a Valve" from Home Depot. Put that valve in, and attached the Ice maker water line to that.

How to Hook Up a Water Line to a Refrigerator From the Sink

After installing the valve and the water line doing though, my faucet started to drip. Any thoughts about that?

alexacmobil.com/components/natokejy/le-come-disattivare-gps.php It's an older faucet 15 plus years Thank you Mike. Possibly a piece of sediment in the faucet cartridge. Probably just rebuild it. Depends on what brand. Once you start turning old valves stuff loosens up.

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Sometimes you can push the handle to one side alittle to stop the drip. Very slightly right or left. Mike, you are a wonderful person!

Thank you for letting me get some sleep last night. I was so worried when I ran the hot water and it started coming out of the ice maker line. See at 51, you can still learn something new every day. You have a great weekend and once again, thank you for all of your help! I dont know everything but always try to help. Sometimes its hard to translate information just through typing with know visuals. Glad I can help. You may not post new threads. BB code is On.

Installing a Water Line on a Fridge - Things Even a Monkey Should Know

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