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Fun Christmas Survival Kit Ideas - Easy Craft Gifts

In case someone gets a headache. It is a date night must! You just never know when you might need cash. You might need a taxi, or a restaurant, a place might be cash only, or you might need to valet your car. My husband is lactose intolerant, he will eat red meat, ice cream, and drink wine, all in one meal, and then he will pay for it. Just an FYI, it may take 1 to 4 days for full effect. Just one a day for all-day, all night frequent heartburn protection.

I mean, really, this goes back to the ChapStick and Floss approach.

You just ate an entire order of garlic fries and no one wants to kiss that! So I keep Emergen-C in my bag just in case. Funny Christmas Poems printed out - to make you laugh, for 'tis the season to be jolly! Christmas Cracker - hope you have a cracking Christmas!

Cookie Dough - because everyone's short on dough this time of year! Fizzy Bath Bombs - to relaaax at the end of the day. Chamomile Tea - to help calm your nerves. Personalised Music CD - put your headphones on and tune out the screams of your family. Paperback novel - to entertain yourself when your family and friends have gone off the deep end. Ibuprofen - to recover from the drama that friends and family create during the holidays.

Candy Cane Noise maker Drop the candy cane on the floor and tread it into the carpet. Blow the noise maker and toss it in a corner somewhere.

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Sprinkle bits of confetti all over the place. Put some bottle-caps in and around the bin.

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It's so corny I just had to share it ;- Stick of gum - to help you stick with it. Candle - reminding you to shine your brightest. Hershey's Chocolate Kiss - to remind you that you are loved. Match - to reignite your fire when you're feeling burned out.

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  7. Tootsie Roll or other candy bar - to remind you not to bite off more than you can chew. Smarties - to boost your brainpower when you're feeling dull. Starburst candies - to boost your energy when you're feeling tired.

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    Snickers bar - to remind you to take time to laugh. Bandaid - to fix things that just will not work. Paperclip - to help you keep it all together.

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    Date Night Survival Kit

    Crackers or other nibbles - so you will always have "food" for thought. Energiser Battery - so you can keep going and going. Tea Bag - so you can sit back and relax. I told you so. Comments Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.