Is carol and daryl dating in real life

The Walking Dead season 7 spoiler: Rick betrayed as he declares to 'all out war' on Negan. The actor went on to say that he found filming the first half season seven alone difficult and missed his friends on set. But the year-old insisted that it was essential that Daryl was separated from the Alexandrians and new communities were introduced to the series.

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Director Greg Nicotero agreed and responded to recent criticism that the series had not spent enough time focussing on Alexandria, explaining: So we have an obligation to change it up by introducing new worlds and introducing new characters. They've both been abused, through out there life. After Ed died and Merle Disappeared, Daryl and Carol were free to make decisions and think for themselves.

This allows Daryl become the person he always wanted to be, and to make right decisions. Carol is no longer in fear of Ed and can now muster up her own courage and bravery for this new dreaded world.

What the Stars of ‘The Walking Dead’ Look Like in Real Life

They have a clear understanding of each other. Carol looks after Daryl as if he was her younger brother. Their relationship is one of my favorites. I feel I can relate to this relationship.

She's always there for me And I for her no matter what. I always got more of a sibling vibe from them, like siblings who grew up in an abusive home or went through something really traumatic together. They've always reminded me of my aunt Debbie, and my cousin Ken.

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For all intents and purposes, they're the same age, and Ken came from a pretty traditional, conservative family. After his mom passed away, Ken felt comfortable enough to tell the rest of the family that he was gay, and had been keeping it quiet because he felt his parents wouldn't support him. In my little WD-watch group, we've basically figured Daryl was gay since sometime in season 3. I never got that impression at all.

It seemed more brother-sister to me, not to mention the age difference. Beth was one of my favorites but if that's truly the case, I'm glad they killed her off before they did anything with that. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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