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I Gave Up Dating Apps And Caught The Man Of My Dreams In A Thirst Trap On Instagram

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3 Ways to Flirt with your Instagram Crush with Tanner and Kailee

There's another app that's rapidly becoming a hotspot for digital flirting, whether you want it to be or not: Tindstagramming is the newest way to be a huge creep. In the past few months alone, my Instagram DMs have transformed from a desolate tumbleweed-filled vault into a rather busy inbox reserved especially for flirting purposes.

Rather than receiving unsolicited chat-up lines from strangers, these messages come from people I know and already follow on Insta. And, depending on the person, these blasts from the past aren't always unwelcome. Rather than magically inboxing me out-of-the-blue, these DMs often appear after I've posted a photo on Instagram, or updated my story.

If I'm travelling overseas, the Insta-flirter will DM me something related to the humblebrag I just posted on my story. Sure, messaging me about my holiday to France could very well be a pretext—but, hey, it might not be an unwanted one.

How Instagram became the most popular dating app

Copywriter Scott Muska noticed people sliding into his DMs anytime he posted pictures on Instagram this summer. He interpreted these DMs as "reactionary" to the photos, rather than a spontaneous text or email to say "hello and we should catch up. One message he received was from a woman from his hometown who said: As flirting goes, it's not always people we know trying to get our attention.

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She says "hot train guy" had recognised her from an art fair and had searched for her on Instagram and decided to DM her. And now we are dating," says Cooper.