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Chris Messina, the American actor we all find talented and sexy, is the person who has a wife and a family with him and still loves women. But the ultimate question is, how his wife does not have any problem with it? You might not know her by her name, but her work inevitably defines her, as she has had her hands in the making of a lot of famous movies. His 47 years old producer wife has produced movies like Alice in Wonderland, Must Love Dogs and many other projects.

Cheesy to give myself five stars? Yeah, I totally just called zombies sexy. They make fantastic boyfriends. They even appreciate shoe shopping! Who needs human men, am I right? Lately, it feels like zombies are as annoyingly ubiquitous as vampires and werewolves. Enter Lynn Messina with her refreshing, c Ahhh, zombies. Enter Lynn Messina with her refreshing, comedic, poignant, and splendiferous look at our favorite undead heroes.

I mean, the subject matter is zombies after all. This book will lure you in out of pure curiosity.

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How did all the males succumb to this virus, and how on earth does zombie sex work? You may even find yourself wishing that your significant other was a bit more zombie-esque. Well, minus the football addiction. So what will make you stay? It makes perfect sense with the plot line and is such a treat. It kind of reminds me of the movie, Happy Feet remember Happy Feet? View all 4 comments. Apr 14, Sophia rated it really liked it Shelves: The book is uniquely written in that it is sort of two books in one.

I offer this tip: The story opens about 20 years after this horrid disease sweeps the world leaving only about K males who are not infected while the rest become zombies. Hattie Cross journalist for a sensationalist rag with aspirations for writing at a serious paper writes a how-to guide to women about making lemonade out of lemons.

She herself has perfected techniques for dating zombies and shares it. Zombreeze a scent sanitizer, Zombilay a skin firm serum, Zombiagra for erectile dysfunction, Zombicol for behavior modification, etc. Hattie is offered a chance to tour the company, interview the employees, and get the coveted interview with the head and scientific wonder gal, Matilda Stanfield. The corporation is even now testing a new drug that will have the effect of leaving the zombie with the ability for simple thinking and speaking.

During the tour, Hattie meets her first non-zombie male, Dr. She partied hard the night before and comes to her tour and interview wasted. Yes, folks, she vomited all over the nice handsome male doctor. Naturally, this is dangerous and leads to a fast-paced second half of the book which I will not spoil for all the quirky types who plan to read this. Though the story does plunge into some serious moments, most of the characters are just fun to get to know. Hattie is the ultimate girl-survivor. She takes this devastating loss of men and makes something of her circumstances.

She is surrounded by a posse of friends who also do more than make the best of things. The older generation has it the hardest because they have strong memories of what the world was once like and are appalled by this attitude of moving on. Jake Maddox at first appears to be a stuffy scientist, but he has a few surprises up his sleeve when Hattie meets up with him on another occasion.

The only thing that struck me as a disappointment other than my squeamishness at times was the lack of more scene time between Jake and Hattie. I would have liked to see more of them together. I thought they were great together and felt my interest double when Jake was present. Unfortunately, he only has a few scenes so the romance is not the mainplot. Again, I caution you, for optimal enjoyment, I recommend not taking this read too seriously.

Mar 11, Laura Roberts rated it really liked it Shelves: My favorite zombie movie is definitely Shaun of the Dead, as I'm not big into the typical zombie tropes of gross-out, mindless shambling and over-the-top gore, but I AM big into parodies thereof. Maybe it's the fact that, ultimately, zombies are a parody of humanity, which means that a parody of a zombie story is a meta-parody? The stereotypical brain-eating zombie has here been limited to t My favorite zombie movie is definitely Shaun of the Dead, as I'm not big into the typical zombie tropes of gross-out, mindless shambling and over-the-top gore, but I AM big into parodies thereof.

The stereotypical brain-eating zombie has here been limited to those with Y chromosomes, which means men are for all intents and purposes un dead. Or, as specified here, "re-living. But kind of terrible, if you're into having relationships, because the only available romantic option is now I find it amusing that this is also one of the running gags, because that was definitely the first thing that came to mind when I read this book's title.

Zombie sex is discussed, but the author manages to make it seem like a logical conclusion in this world gone mad. The Girls' Guide is a funny take on the old "zombies as mindless consumers" theme, twisting it to Messina's own purposes where zombies are in fact better lovers than the 20th century male. Whatever they want is irrelevant, since they only want brains luckily, they only eat non-human brains , and for some reason they also really enjoy shoe-shopping.

The perfect man is a zombie! Interspersing info from Hattie Cross's "Girls' Guide" and the action of the story makes for a funny, compelling read. If you like zombies, parodies or plain old silliness, give this one a whirl! Dec 05, Tory Michaels rated it it was amazing Shelves: I'll be honest, I got this book solely because of the blurb. It sounded funny and so I had some vague hope it would follow through and actually be funny. I've never read a zombie romance before, because, well, ewwww. The fact that the author references the ewww factor in zombie dating hooked me in as much as the fact that it sounded funny.

It was hilarious in many places. Hattie is so down to earth, matter of fact about the fact that there are no more men, having not met one since she was six and I'll be honest, I got this book solely because of the blurb. Hattie is so down to earth, matter of fact about the fact that there are no more men, having not met one since she was six and the men were wiped out.

I loved the fact that the first time she meets Jake, the actual, human male referenced in the blurb, she pukes all over him. I'm sorry, it's gross, but it just kept the giggles coming because I totally believe it could happen. I'm nervous enough around guys and I've been around them my entire life! Hattie's practical attitude that ended up in her writing the Girls Guide to Dating Zombies carried her through the entire book. She was down in the dumps because her former boyzomb had been stolen by another woman, starts tentatively a new relationship with a new zombie who she names Joe.

The world building here was phenomenal. An entire industry rose up around the zombie issue, since the zombies weren't cannibals, but rather only wanted animal brains, not human ones.

The Girls' Guide to Dating Zombies

There were soooo many drugs, and you could tell what they'd been birthed from Zombiagra, Zombialis, etc. The only problem I had with this book besides the overuse of words including word "zombie" which I didn't mark down for in this 4. The last third of the book is definitely fast-paced with a major "OMG, I gotta keep reading" factor.

But the first two-thirds can be a bit dense at times especially with all of the technical details about the virus. I kept going simply because the humor was good and I enjoyed Hattie's view on the world. But I wish the suspense and tension could have been wound through the entire book, not just the last part of it.

Messina for an awesome read! Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This book is crazy. This book is hilarious. This book is Carrie Bradshaw during an apocalypse outside a bar after getting sauced on black martinis smoking a menthol cigarette beneath a broken out street light.

So the year is The H1Z1 variant Y zombie virus has come along and wiped out nearly the entire male species. Yep, this virus turns only those with the Y chro This book is crazy. Sure, there are some men, actual living men left. About , of them worldwide. So yeah, take your pick, right? Hattie Cross is a journalist.

According to Hattie, women can now date zombies.

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Modern medication has made it possible. Seriously, this book is a fun book. How about this — zombies are more perhaps a better suitor to us than men! Granted, they are still way into football; so much that there is a channel devoted to showing only football. But now they like to dance, listen to you, and best of all — they like shoes. Not just wearing them, or seeing them on you, but honest to goodness shopping for shoes!!!!!!!! Ideally, you want to look for one who has retained fifty percent of his facial feature, which is to say at least one eye and half a nose.

Limb retention is also important. Arms are optional, but legs are vital if you want to retain any semblance of an independent life. She is funny and impulsive at time. And when she meets an actual living, breathing man named Jake, hilarity ensues. Maybe I have been regarding the zombie apocalypse all wrong. Maybe everything will be ok. Maybe rehabilitation and medication are the answer. Seriously, if you want an entertaining read, then this book is definitely for you. I urge you to give it a try. Read it with an open mind, and be ready to giggle, chortle, guffaw, laugh, and maybe even shoot your beverage of choice out your nose.

Mar 28, Kristi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Bear with me for a minute while I explain this one.

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So it's a guide within a guide. Maybe that sounds confusing, but it's really not. Lynn is the author and real , Hattie is the character and fictional. Lynn's book starts off with a section from Hattie's guide, and then it jumps over to Hattie's life in the present. The book c Bear with me for a minute while I explain this one. The book continues to give snippets of The Guide in between portions of Hattie's life since writing The Guide.

Imagine if you will a world where all the men, well almost all the men, have contracted a virus that's turned them into zombies. Women run the world! Doesn't that sound like utopia, ladies? Most standards would say this is a dystopian look at the future, however I'm not sure women would agree. Are you thinking you'd miss the men? Hattie discusses that in The Guide as well, but she also points out that with a few minor okay, major differences zombies aren't far off from men. I don't think I could do Lynn's humor justice by reiterating it here, so I just leave you to read it all for yourself.

That's a recommendation, by the way. Lynn's look at a future where women run the world and the men are zombies is funny, witty, and unique from any book I've put my hands on. There's been lots of looks into the future, whether utopian looks or dystopian looks, and none have made me smile and laugh as this one did.

It's fun to see the ways that dating in the future still hold some customs that we have today, and yet things could be so much simpler if we could just putrefy all men's brains to that of a zombie's. Are you concerned about the bad side of zombies? Hattie, covers that as well. So, if you're worried about what the rumored disaster of will bring, I recommend you pick up Lynn Messina's The Girls' Guide to Dating Zombies and prepare yourself.

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If you're just looking for a fun book that will entertain with some laughter along the way, then I still recommend you get yourself a copy of The Girls' Guide to Dating Zombies by Lynn Messina and Hattie Cross. Mar 15, Lauren K rated it really liked it. Hattie Cross is a reporter for the Daily Scoopage in the post-apocalyptic , twenty years after a plague zombified almost all of the male population.

From learning Zombese to speed dating at a zombie slaughterhouse to domesticating zombies and choosing well preserved s Hattie Cross is a reporter for the Daily Scoopage in the post-apocalyptic , twenty years after a plague zombified almost all of the male population.

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From learning Zombese to speed dating at a zombie slaughterhouse to domesticating zombies and choosing well preserved suitors i. But Hattie is conveniently distracted from the conspiracies when she meets her first human male, Jake Maddox. Besides the fact that I heaved every time I thought about zombie sex, Hattie seemed to make it sound like the most normal thing in the world. It was amusing seeing Hattie struggle with her feelings for Jake. Their relationship was a little superficial, given the only reason I can fathom for her liking him was the fact that he was a human. Apr 08, Vanessa theJeepDiva rated it really liked it Shelves: Men are now zombies.

Hattie was only six years old when this happened. She has no clue what she is missing. She has also been given the assignment of a lifetime by the paper tabloid rag that she works for… a profile on the top zombaceutical empires CEO. I enjoyed reading Hattie and her impossible situation. The impossible situation is not suffered by only Hattie.

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Every heterosexual female who wants to have sex with a breathing man is affected. Some of the shockers have her bumbling and fumbling at every moment. Some of the secrets she uncovers has her running for her life. It is mostly chic-lit, but readers are given a nice mix of suspense and romance with their small helping of humorous zombie apocalypse. I recommend this to any reader who enjoys chic-lit yet would like to dip their toes into the zombie apocalypse pool.

Feb 21, Shah Wharton rated it it was amazing Shelves: At the beginning I wasn't exactly sure what I thought of it. Not the dangerous cannibalistic type, but the rotting and shuffling animal brain type. As the title suggests, this is a 'How to I'm all for a bit of satire and this was amusing and well written. Here we get character and depth and the story grows into more than the ridiculous ideas it purports in the beginnings. I saw the zombies as couch potatoes - we could all be accused of this at come point in our live: We mat not even both to change the channel when something bores us.

I call it depression. Others may just call it life. I also saw her zombies as the men in our lives; those relationships where we simply 'make do' instead of being alone or ringing someone well, better. The author said to me, instead of settling for the amiable, manipulatable and easy-going guy, wait for or rather demand something more. She also said to me, women were entirely capable of running the world without men in it, but would that be a beautiful and well balanced world? I would say, no. Give me two sides to everything, including humanity.

Of course, I may have been reading into this, seeing within it issues I felt were raised. She may well not have said anything of the sort. I am in Messina, Italy now. I like music, movies and good food. I like Traveling around the world i hope to find Someone with same interesting. I'm a student studying languages in sri lanka loves music,travelling,writing etc currently living in italy as a dual citizen, wanting to make friends with different cultures more.

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