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You will disappoint each other, not on purpose, but you will. You cannot meet his every need.

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To try to is foolish. Also, if he wants you to meet all his needs, that is close to idolatry Exodus The truth is, he cares more about himself in that scenario.

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I think it is safe to ask this question: After marriage, your bodies belong to each other. However, if he could not keep his hands to himself before marriage, how do you know he will keep them to just you after marriage? The same applies for sexual innuendo that is inappropriate before marriage. If he is always broaching conversations about sex, he is not doing a good job of helping you to protect your mind against lust before marriage. I am not implying that a man has to be a prude, but he is to be a protector. Paul writes in 1 Thessalonians 4: If it is not, then he is a defrauder, who loves himself more than you or God.


How does your date cope when things do not go as planned? Does he spew his anger all over everyone, including you? This is a serious red flag. If you are not to make friendships with angry people, why would you covenant yourself to someone who fits this description? Proverbs makes it clear that you will only be ensnared.

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Do not expect that you will change that man. You may actually become an enabler who receives the brunt of his anger.

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Spouse abuse by an angry man does not usually randomly begin fifteen years into a marriage. An angry man has that potential long beforehand. Abuse is not only physical- it can also be emotional. A man may apologize to you over and over again, but if he has abused you even once, leave the dating relationship immediately. Do not stay with him out of pity. Encourage him to find a godly man who can help him, but you should get out fast.

You are not sent by God to fix him. No one wants a husband who acts like a child. Those little childlike qualities may seem really cute right now, but it will grow old and aggravating shortly into marriage. If a man is not responsible with his time, money, and work, why would he be responsible in his future family life? If he is more concerned with worldly pleasure than pleasing God in being an honorable and responsible man, this is not the kind of man who will rightly point his family toward Christ-likeness.

Watch out for the selfish man. The Bible has a name for the guy who has the Peter-Pan syndrome: When will you arise from your sleep? A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest, and poverty will come upon you like a robber, and want like an armed man. What is his work ethic in helping others? Is he content letting others do his job for him? Does he help you when you need it? If he would more readily spend a day on the lake than helping someone in need, this indicates where his heart lies.

Is he unhealthily dependent on his friends or family? Has he not taken adult responsibility such as his living arrangements or expenses? Also examine his relationships with other women.

If your date is a flirt or has many close female friends especially previous girlfriends , this is something to take as a caution. A man who is unwilling to take counsel shows that he is prideful instead of humble. They woo you with their confidence, uber-charm and flattery. They win your heart with sad stories from their childhood or a woman who mistreated or betrayed him.

You desire him because of the capricious emotional tension—a clear sign that you should run in the other direction. He romances you, he gushes over you and he makes you feel special. But predictably, your bad boy turns out to be self-absorbed, manipulative, unfaithful, unattainable and often emotionally abusive.

Your relationship with him is a roller-coaster of euphoria, disappointments and heartbreak. According to relationship expert Dr. John Gray, you should develop a relationship using logic and reasoning, moving to your heart and ultimately an intimate sexual connection. But alas, you crave the man who is cocky, self-absorbed and tone-deaf to your needs.

Do you repeatedly fall for men who are emotionally unavailable, non-committal or abusive? Let me help you break your hurtful cycle of falling in love with the wrong men, starting with a complimentary minute telephone conversation.

These are signs that you may be dating the wrong person

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5 Signs You're Dating a Toxic Person (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

He tells elaborate stories of his successes, possessions, travel and adventures. It sounds too good to be true. He cancels his plans with you. There are large gaps in time between his phone calls and texts. If you catch in a lie, he spins another tale to disarm you. You begin to doubt everything he says. Your conversations with him are superficial and disheartening.