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Friendly mobile social resources or time. Written by dating and ukrainian women for alamo, national and much more than dates. First affair websites restrict communication to use, i got back into the latest news on pinksofa.

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    While things are just casual right now, he is someone I could potentially see myself getting serious with in the future. Why are you so intent on this being just a casual relationship? Are you not sure about him?

    A month and a half is a pretty long time to be dating. I knew on the very first date with my now husband that he was The One.


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    If it's been this long and you aren't sure about him yet, and you aren't excited about the idea of going on a trip with him If that's the case, why keep this relationship going? You don't sound crazy about him. Originally Posted by PurpleLove No need to justify your sexual history with anyone. My personal opinion is that as long as everyone involved is fine with having sex, go for it. It's of course better if it's protected. I've never taken a weekend trip with someone I'm casually dating BUT I think it's possible to go on weekend trips and still keep it casual. I just see the trip as a way to have fun outside of one's everyday environment.

    On the corner of Grey Street. The OP asked for opinions on taking a trip with someone she's casually dating, not for commentary on her sexual choices. Not all of us wait for years before having sex with someone. In the scheme of things a month and a half isn't that long. There's nothing wrong with starting off slow and seeing how things pan out.

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    OP, do you want to go on the trip? Neither arranged marriage nor finding your own partner will guarantee or impede a successful union. Both need to be worked on constantly and consistently by both people involved. Both can be successful just as both can be complete disasters. The following 3 users would like to thank miniMia for this useful post: Getting back to the OP, this might be interesting: Mini Mia, of course any marriage can end in a disaster, but every man or woman over 18 years is an adult and should make their own decisions and experiences.

    If I ask my parents to help me find a Person, that is different but in the mentioned countries the parents tell the children who they think is best.

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    And if the son or daughter disagrees then too bad, the parents are the bosses in that respect. At least in India they sometimes look into astrology signs whether they could fit together or not in theory In some countries you even have to get married to a cousin a relative or you are promised as a baby to so and so.

    Who cares if they love each other?! Sorry, I don't understand that antiquated mentality. That being said, I've been tutoring several Tamil teenagers, and it was a real struggle for them, this feeling of being stuck between two cultures so different. Refusing their parents' ways would have meant being shunned from the community, while seeing their friends' freedom only emphasized their own difference Forget about your "digital dating ". Go out on the streets to meet someone-dancing,pubs etc etc.

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    Well, when you see the divorce rate in Europe and US , you think that maybe the Indian way is not so bad? Call me a cynic, but love is so overstated The following 2 users would like to thank Blank Canvas for this useful post: Mini Mia, here many divorces, yes. In other countries some arranged marriages might be happy but many just stay together because divorce is not well seen.

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    One Indian I know said he could say no to the girl chosen from the parents, but will he have the courage to do so? An what if he does not agree with any of the proposed women?