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People who are genuine and very self-confident, but in a humble way. People who are comfortable and at peace with the present, but who know that fantastic experiences await around the corner. There are incredible and fun adventures to come, and it's much more interesting to experience them together.

Miami Nights: Singles in the City

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Free Dates, new friends or casual sex dating is just around the corner and we have plenty of testimonials to back that up. You even get a good word put in for you with a local bar so you can land a job. You'll find that you quickly outgrow Bree's advice and will likely be 'hooking up' Miami Nights ' quaintly understated name for getting jiggy with your date with someone you sweet-talked at a bar while your flatmate is still introducing you to the concept of talking to a stranger.

But that's OK — there's so much to do and explore, and it's so enjoyable that any repetition is just another excuse to go dancing, embark on a blind date or explore your neighbourhood. One limit on your shenanigans, at least at first, is that certain locations are locked to you until reach a certain level of experience in the game. This is represented by a skills and qualities ranking system that rates your intellect, health, fitness, physical appearance, charisma and more.

Miami Nights: Singles in the City

These rankings rise and fall with your exploits and how the other inhabitants of Miami feel about you. Whether they like, hate or simply don't care about you is shown by little emoticons that bubble forth from their thoughts.

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Hit it off with someone by telling a few jokes and your charisma will rise, leading to invitations to visit new places, take on new jobs and otherwise spread your wings a little bit further. However, try and talk sports with someone into drama and your charisma will plummet, affecting your future chances at success.

It's a pretty lifelike, if exaggerated, experience.

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  5. You start doubting your chances with future potential dates. The screen frequently fails to register swipes and taps by the stylus, so you often need to tap items and objects twice before the game registers your selection.

    Moving your avatar with the stylus is particularly cumbersome. You're better off using the face buttons for interactions and the directional pad for moving through the city.

    But even if you've had a few daiquiris in real-life and can overlook the problematic controls and political incorrectness, the game isn't all that entertaining. The few mini-games thrown in to break up the monotony of chatting up Miami's most desirable are lame - washing dishes with the stylus is more boring than doing it in person - and most activities don't have a mini-game attached, so you simply have to wait for your avatar to do it. Kinda like watching paint dry. Conversing with the town's vapid singles isn't much better. Miami Nights features a straightforward dialogue system in which you can pose topics to other characters in an effort to curry favour.

    Unfortunately, it's entirely too predictable and the same topics always appear.

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    Of course, the 'Do you come here often? After speaking with the same cookie-cutter figures over and over again, the prospect of having to small talk another target was enough to make us consider the priesthood or an escort agency. So while we thought attractive singles and fun in the sun, plus a multi-million selling mobile game, would have provided a strong foundation to create the sort of Sims -crossover that would have done very well on DS, the lack of fun is enough to limit Miami Nights: