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There is always a life after an HIV-positive diagnosis. Mulilo - getting over a diagnosis. Thadie — silence can kill, talk about it. Rick - choosing to live, not die. Amaka - on treatment and never sick. Karuna - I'm now a peer educator.

Karta — HIV stigma changed my whole life. Carrie - Fear meant I kept my status a secret for 3 years. Chris - how I overcame stigma to be healthy and in love. Alan - Don't be scared to tell people. Would you like to comment on this page? Leave this field blank. There are several reasons why it may be safer for you NOT to do this:.

Some women living with HIV find it hard to think about dating because they feel less desirable or less appealing than HIV-negative women.

It is important to remember that there is much more to you than your HIV. Your HIV status is not a reflection of your self-worth; try not to let it affect your standards. You do not have to "settle" for being alone or being with a person who is wrong for you because you are living with HIV.

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There is no need to be afraid to have love in your life. Look for a loving relationship with a person who wants to be with you for you. Sex and being sexy can be important and exciting parts of your relationship. If you feel worried or guilty about the possibility of infecting your partner, make sure you know how to protect him or her by practicing safer sex.

Many women feel ashamed of or embarrassed by their HIV status when dating. These feelings are normal.

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However, if these feelings last and prevent you from dating, or lead to depression or isolation, it is important to get help. You may feel a good bit of relief even from telling one person you can trust.

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You may find a support group or therapist helpful. Once you connect with others, you will probably begin to feel more self-confident. As you feel better about yourself, you will likely remember how loving you can be — not just with yourself, but with others.

Dating With HIV: Two Seattle Women Share Their Stories

That love might turn into romance before too long. Join our community and become a member to find support and connect to other women living with HIV. Janinebrignola created Positively Positive Woman. Get basic information about tests for resistance, tropism, and viral load — what they are, when you need them, and how they are used. Skip to main content.

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  8. Two important things to consider are: Whom do I date positive or negative person? I was born HIV positive.

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    My mother contracted HIV after my father had several affairs, and she was unaware of her status when she got pregnant, gave birth and breastfed me. We both found out that we were HIV positive when we came to Canada in I was two years old. Over the years, I have learned to accept my status and love myself—but finding partners who feel the same is not always easy. The idea seemed unattainable, and to be honest, a bit scary.

    On my first real date when I was 16, I wore green though I now realize that red is more my colour and we went to watch Transformers. I had the normal first-date jitters, plus this feeling that somehow he would know I am HIV-positive. I was not ready to trust a teenage boy with that information. I tend to be into older dudes. He started asking questions about how I got it, about my most horrifying disclosure stories and any recent advances in medicine that might help me.

    He had never met someone living with HIV that he knew of , but I ended up playing the role of advocate instead of romantic interest. I felt like I should give him a pop quiz afterward.