Dating men with children

The goal of this conversation is to create clarity and there should be some definitive outcomes.

Dating a Man with Kids: 10 Things You Need to Be Prepared For

If you want to go out on the weekends and he has visitation or other daddy duties, then the two of you should plan when you can have time together. You knew what you were getting into. Children who have either lost their mother or who are splitting their time between homes and not getting to see their dad every day, adds a whole other dimension to the relationship.

Be flexible. Being a parent is a 24 hour day a year responsibility. Find activities or rituals you can do together with your husband and his kids. And unfortunately, we get so preoccupied doing exactly this, that we become too busy to notice any red flags.

What it feels like to date a man with kids

They play the field like newborn ducklings that are learning to walk again, in order to catch up with lost time of being homebound with the ex-wife. They cannot — even if they had to save their own life — become confrontational, as the feel they have been through too much shit to explain, analyze, or feel pressured in any way, so, they are the first to flee. You sit opposite a forty- year-old man, expecting to hear or be taught a life lesson when it comes to relationships, only to realize that he has the emotional intelligence of a twenty- year-old, and that you should probably develop a thicker skin.

So, I will remain adamant to this: if you choose to get linked with a man who has children from a previous marriage, you get to love him and consider him and his kids as a unity. Women are, by default, more competitive and territorial than men — hence, the so many wicked stepmother stories.


Children, who are innocent bystanders in every love story, have to remain prioritized, loved and feel secure at all times. You might feel you already know his kids as he's told you so much about them.

Dating someone with kids

Meeting them is a clear sign you're ready to take the relationship a step further so don't do this unless you're ready. Do it only when you feel your relationship is stable and you can contemplate a future with him. And, let him take the lead with this decision; it's only right that he's cautious about introducing another person into his family equation. So don't push to meet them, they're his kids and he'd know best when to bring you into their lives.

And if you don't see a future with him, break it off before you meet his kids, as you don't want them inadvertently involved in your 'mess' too. You are not their mother and never will be so stop trying to act like it. Don't attempt to discipline them, for example, and never ever tell your man how to raise his kids. If he asks for advice related to a situation with his kids, be as neutral as possible and make it clear to him that they're his kids and that, at the end of the day, he should be the one making these decisions.

And never ever talk about the kids in front of them.

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The only time you should discuss his kids with him is if they do something unpleasant towards you, such as disrespecting you in any way. In that case, be honest with him but let him deal with them directly.

Once you're introduced to them, don't go over the top and try too hard to be their best friend. Meet them at neutral places like the zoo or a park — instead of at his home — and don't come on too strong by buying them gifts and showering them with hugs and kisses.

Is Dating A Man With A Child Worth it?

You might be dating their dad but you're a stranger to them, after all. So don't scare them away with OTT gestures or make it seem like you're trying to replace their mother.

Take baby steps and let them slowly open up to you as they get comfortable with having you in their lives. Being too full-on with the kids might also make your man regret his decision so play it cool. You might not have planned to have kids so soon but when you date a man who has children, you have to be ready to be involved with more than just one person.

He's a 'package deal' so accept all the terms and conditions before you say yes to him.