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Yakamaru and Julen like this. Stutters have adorable potential but not when i'm in an impatient hurry. Slurs and lisps are cute , provided the face fits the speech.

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For me it depends on the personality type and please forgive me the appearance of the person. The short, slender and baby-faced fit impediments well. Fat, gross and neck-beardy don't fit with a lisp. PlusThirtyOne , Nov 4, Really depends on the personality, for the most part. If the person's personality fits with mine, then it really doesn't matter what they sound like, as long as the guy doesn't sound like a girl..

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Sounds mean, I know ;-;. DravenDonovan , Nov 4, As long the guy talks about interesting topic and don't belittle himself all the time, I would date him. Personality and self esteem are sexy! I understand where you're coming from, my mate has a stutter thats more prominent when his talking to new people or stressed. He even had a college professor tell him he "Could never be a cop" because he would stutter when speaking in class.

It really hurt him. C But he did become a Deputy and showed that bitch! Students reveal all here Start new discussion Reply. First 4 5 6 7 8 Skip to page: Mangaroo Follow 0 followers 10 badges Send a private message to Mangaroo. Follow Original post by DanGrover Explain to me, in non wishy-washy 'just cos' answers, why you don't find people with immense noses, wing-like ears, crossed eyes and no clothes attractive?

Explain to me, in non wishy-washy 'just cos' answers, why you don't find Noel Edmonds attractive. Original post by Anonymous Because looks are essential in order for any physical attraction to take place in the first place.

Speech isn't, how many people do you know date people because they have a sexy voice? Also, who would you rather sleep with, a guy you find hot but has a speech impendiment or a guy who is unnattractive to you, yet speaks with a sexy voicey??

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Because the OP might actually be attracted to this particular guy, and by the sounds of it he has a 'nice personality'. Yet she is being fussy here. But thats the point, she might actually be attracted to him It is unfair on him he has a problem like that, because if he never had a SI she would probably date him. Original post by Timeslikethese I have no problem with any of the above, and have been attracted to people with quite a large nose, one with large ears and one with a turn in their eye.

Noel Edmonds is okay, he's not ugly! Original post by DanGrover And would you have given him the time of day if his stammer was so bad he took 5 minutes to say one word literally and sprayed you with a ton of saliva at the same timer - you wouldn't find that unattractive? We're talking about a sexual relationship here, not a good chum. You don't need to be physically attracted to friends - you do to sexual partners. Original post by Timeslikethese people don't often have conversations at length in bed!

And yes, I certainly would have given him the time of day, I would have felt sorry for him too and wondered how he must feel.

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As it stands, I give everyone a fair chance, he is extremely attractive sexually in all ways - his stutter doesn't come close to changing that! Original post by DanGrover Ever thought your standards are just really low? Shakespeare1 Follow 0 followers 2 badges Send a private message to Shakespeare1. Essentially what you're saying is that you'd persue a sexual relationship with any male assuming they weren't unhealthy in some way. When to tell someone you're dating you have cancer? What are some good things to do on a first date?

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Why do you think relationships tend to be centered around the woman? What Guys Said 8. Can u pm meh. I wanna duscuss with u sonething privately.. This is one of those deal breaker things for me.

Ladies, would you date a guy with speech impediment?

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