Homewrecker dating site

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Homewrecker dating site

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Get some shocking details secretly dating site for cheating, the main catalysts is rumored to bite him in that r b singer monica was. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention homewrecker incorporated twin brother simone chavous well written greyston michaels marriage is just business exchange for an honest homewrecker inc cheating husbands kept you on your toes claudia mason must read fun and sexy get the evidence brother of her mark love marriage without love see coming great characters gregory michaels.

Showing of 44 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Homewrecker Incorporated by S Simone Chavous 3. These girls together are hilarious and have a great friendship and business relationship. Their mission is to get the evidence needed in infidelity cases and it seems by any means necessary. The home may already be wrecked but these women make sure it stays that way.

She just was not interested in a relationship. So when her next mark puts her in the path of Greyston Claudia is shocked by the instant chemistry and attraction that she feels.

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But underneath all that he was a man that had had his heart broken and was reticent to put it back out there for the mauling. As I said above, there are some great characters in this book and I am hoping that this is the stepping stone for some more hilarious stories from this fantastic group of women. I am sure they have many a story to regale.

If you are in the mood for a light hearted read with a little angst and a lot of laughs, then this is the ideal read for you. While the title may put some people off I would urge you to take the chance, after all this is more about the private investigation side rather than a cheating partner. I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was a quick read. My only little niggle was that for me it ended too soon and the ending felt rushed. I will say that this book slightly reminded me of another series I have read, however this book was unique in its own way and soon banished that thought.

I hope to be reading more about this group of ladies, for certain there will never be a dull moment. I really liked this storyline. Claudia and her group call themselves Homewrecker Incorporated and are successful at what they do, getting evidence of infidelity on behalf of suspicious wives. Landing the biggest client ever, Claudia jumps into her newest assignment enthusiastically, only to meet Greyston Michaels while on the job.


Homewrecker dating site

Claudia doesn't believe in true love for herself, her heart is locked up tight and Greyston is determined to be the key to unlock it. The only problem is that Claudia can't cultivate a relationship with him when she's also busy trying to ensnare her mark with her charms of seduction, and anything with Greyston would be built upon a foundation of lies. Claudia is independent, goal oriented, determined and loyal. She cares deeply about her friends and can't fight off her attraction to Greyston.

Greyston is handsome, playful, attentive and charming. He knows that he and Claudia have undeniable chemistry. I enjoyed this cast of characters and how the plot kept me guessing as I tried to figure out what was happening behind the scenes.

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Greyston is not easily deterred, but will he change his mind when he finds out the truth? Will Claudia put her job or her heart first?

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One person found this helpful. Claudia and her friends run a honey trap agency, a private investigation group that helps catch cheating spouses in the act, especially when the wives are trying to get out from under a prenuptial agreement. So when she is assigned to investigate the rich, handsome Gregory Michaels, she has her work cut out for her.

Problem is, Gregory is a devoted family man, and getting him to succumb to her wiles might be harder than she had anticipated. How can she pursue her mark when her heart is getting caught up with his twin brother? What will happen when Greyston finds out the truth of the whole matter? What other nefarious forces are working against the entire family?

Homewrecker Incorporated is a quick, fun, sexy read that is easily devoured in a day. This was a fun, easy read that was a page turner.

Claudia, partner in a Private I Company that specializes in investigating cheating men in an effort to nullify their pre-nups. Claudia had no interest in a serious relationship. She wanted no involvement or strings of any kind. That is until she bumps into Greyston, talk about instant chemistry. He is arrogant and sexy, but he is also the brother of one of the men she is investigating.

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This was a great plot with great characters. Lot of humor and fun in this book. I purchased this book back in February but had not taken the time to read it until I received an email about it. Sorry I waited so long. The book was well written. This is not your usual romance story. You will laugh and you will cry. This book is certainly worth reading for a new twist for romance. All the angst and suspense keeps you from putting it down. I loved this story.