Neverwinter pvp matchmaking

What we really need right now is an easier path to competitiveness for new players that are interested in the game mode. To understand the issue we need to look into the progression system for a second.

There are several factors involved that work against PVP. Builds and setups are too different. Worst case is you need two completely different sets of gear and enchantments. Secondly you need to be in near best-in-slot equipment to be truly competitive in PVP. To sum it up: PVP has incredibly high requirements. I think players that are interested in PVP early in their Neverwinter career, and try out Domination, are just getting scared off.

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Either by the imbalance or by the ridiculous high requirements. Overall gear is a much too important factor. There are several ways to change that, but everything requires a complete overhaul of the current system. It should mostly work next to it. A large chunk of progression is refining und you need those higher ranks to be competitive. Especially Weapon and Armor Enchantments can make a decisive difference in a fight on Pure and Transcendent level. Those could be available for currency or in a redesigned PVP campaign as repeatable task.

There was a thread about standardization on the Arcgames message board and I like this one as well. The basic idea is to give all characters the same amount of stat points and base damage in PVP, independent of their gear.

Why wont they fix the pvp? :: Neverwinter General Discussions

Even if you hand out limited buffs based on item level as proposed in the thread, any level 70 toon would at least be viable to play PVP. The focus would completely shift from gear to skill, which actually would be great. It however helps little in other areas. Unless the system gets fundamentally changed, no new queues or maps or balance will help getting more players into the game mode.

Do you agree or have another opinion on how PVP should be fixed? Share your thoughts in the comments below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board! Blogged is always looking for writers to contribute to the blog.

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There is no frequency requirement, you post how often you want. Me or ayroux will likely make a post about this soon.

Nope… This grind was necessary to get to a level where competitive PVP is actually a thing. About the enchants, Id say make new ones, obtainable through pvp campaign and Refined with glory… The more you fight, the better you get, this would make people start early on their careers, instead of low lvl pvp being full of bots. Partl View Profile View Posts. Thats why i stopped playing years ago. Still had a lot of fun. Logan View Profile View Posts.

Neverwinter m10.5 PvP - Random Solo Que Match

Well, their first mistake was to even add PvP to the game. Their second mistake was to not separate how everything from abilities to boons, over companions to enchantments and feats to mounts works in PvE and PvP.

Even queues are not the #1 priority any longer

Their third mistake was to not create a matchmaking based on ItemLevel before Character Level after a while. You could also ask around in the official forum how many players are ok with waiting for new classes for the sake of "balance" in PvP But I wouldn't say they're "overpowered" every team needs that hard hitting damage. I die quite quickly if I don't get in and just get out. Especially when my teams don't have a healer. Yeah, Rogues are one of the most annoying classes to fight against. It's between TRs and CWs, for their own special reasons.

GFs could go on that list, but it takes a while for them to reach the point where the tankiness is over 9, All characters have a specialty role they fill the best.

Why PVP Needs an Easier Path to Competitiveness

Some just do their best better than others do their own best. Rogues are one, about doing quick, extremely high damage. GFs are another, about absorbing many high damage, and many more low damage strikes.

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These two can do their specialities arguably better than DCs can heal. It's like watching a guy trying to learn to use a gun so he can shoot himself. You should skip the first tier.

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  4. First tier is bad. You can't persuade fanboys. You'd be better off trying to convince a wall.