Dating your ex girlfriends friend

Glad they've both got great taste in people they want to spend time with.

There's bigger fish to fry in the world. I'd appreciate it if I was asked.

Is Dating A Friend's Ex Really Such A Big No-No?

My ex said she didn't have feelings for me anymore, and ended up, a month or two later, dating a friend I had introduced her to. After that, she wouldn't even talk to me, and more or less isolated me from that whole friend group. I know that they're happy now, and I'm glad, they're both good people, but things like that can really sting, and I'd want to be able to feel happy for them, without having to have that pain.

Honestly, yes, as long as your ex's friend and you haven't been having relations in the friendship or are being used to get back at your ex.

You really can't help who you fall for. And shouldn't have to say no simply because of the fact they're your ex's friend. Related articles Having trouble letting go 12 Dec How to move on from an ex 12 Dec Whatever it was, I had nimbly skipped my way through the minefield of dating two friends.

It’s never OK to date your friend’s ex, and this is why | Metro News

And for at least a month, dating Kathy was amazing. We would go to dinner, talk about physics, see movies at the campus theater, get coffee, meet each other on campus, etc. It was the ideal college romance. We even dabbled in marijuana. Of course, we also kissed each other and slept together—although therein lay some difficulty. Whereas Christine had liked me too much, Kathy was more aloof. She never complimented me, never told me how cute I was, never told me how much she liked me.

When we did kiss, it was like I was introducing her to the concept of what kissing was. But I found my newfound confidence waning, and I flipped out. Someone she liked as much as I liked her? Someone she would want to be affectionate with? She had agreed to be with me and that should have been good enough.

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If she had wanted to break up with me, she would have done so. But my newfound confidence had failed me. I was back to square one—I became the same neurotic, anxious, awkward, desperate jerk that I had ever been. And so she got away. I second-guessed myself—and instead of vowing to trust my instincts in the future, I kept on doubting.

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I doubted my way through relationship after failed relationship. You deserved her, dude. Because even if confidence can be a fickle mistress, regret will break your heart every time. Get the best stories from The Good Men Project delivered straight to your inbox, here. Sign up for our Writing Prompts email to receive writing inspiration in your inbox twice per week.

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Is it OK to date your ex’s friend?

Learn how your comment data is processed. I just realised I regret breaking up with a hot girl when I was You were a douchebag. And Christine should have been with someone who actually gave a shit about her, not just how her looks boosted his self-confidence. Which would be acceptable, in that pretty much everybody is that sort of douchebag in college.

And then you say this: Tremendously disappointed that is the sentence selected as the headliner by goodmenproject—a site that espouses to challenge traditional gender discourses, reclaim masculinity and empower women. Apparently Kathy was a horrible friend, no? Is it the sex? Are you just not brave enough?

At the end you fooled yourself. How life is fair in so many ways. But as I fornicated and flirted, Becky […]. I LOVE this story. Wow, just so honest, and please take this as the compliment it is meant to be, it could have been written by a woman.

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  6. By that I mean we express this kind of stuff to each other all the time. You certainly have a defined masculine take on the dynamics, but that makes me love it more. Really well done, and thank you! Oh, and reading some of the other comments makes me love your article more. I still say, well done! This will be continued in my series of essays about dating. For now, you should just close down your computer after clicking on all the ads on this site , […]. I have to agree with the previous posters…You really have a valid reason to break-up Kathy… Just continue life ahead and bring happiness to yourself and to your girlfriend….

    True confidence comes from within, dude. I did, in fact, sleep with one woman in the very beginning of freshman year—and then struck out about 30 weekends in a row after that. By the summer, my confidence had completely eroded to the point where it took the following year to recover—and jeopardized two otherwise half-decent relationships. Hi Evan, I have to agree with everyone else: Firstly, this right here is a HUGE problem: I had a very similar situation and I enjoyed reliving it through your words.

    This was definitely a pleasure to read. Who cares about what other people think? This is usually solved by being up front with both your ex and their friend and asking. But friendships are complicated. You loved or at least liked your ex, so it makes sense that you vibe with their friends. But sometimes the best thing you can do after a break up is to totally switch things up.