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An entrepreneur with over 14 years experience in the web and mobile industry, instrumental in the set up and operations of some of the East Africa's inaugural and most visible mobile value added services.

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He possess unique insight that marries technology to the market place. Data-driven marketing and growth consultant working with EU and US based startups to help them rapidly and cheaply validate marketing channels. Like many wannabe entrepreneurs, when I was younger I had time but little finance and learned through grind how to start and grow businesses from small beginnings. James is a software engineer, mentor and entrepreneur with over seven years experience in design and implementation of mobile and web based software systems and is actively involved in the Kenyan tech community where he has participated in many technology events both as an a organiser and a speaker.

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James key technical skills are Python, Django and Cloud Architecture and during his career he has worked on many web apps, mobile apps and information systems. He currently works as a consultant building web based systems in Python and cloud automation tools for various companies in Kenya and abroad.

He is also a member of iHub Consulting in Nairobi. He is a firm believer in growing the tech community, supporting and giving back to the ecosystem as a whole. This has put him on a path that has made him the Mentor for all the Google Developer Groups in Nigeria. He did not get the job then, but the word was out on the street of his capabilities and soon after he was called by NSSF to do a project for them.

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An Africa based entrepreneur in the pursuit of opportunities without regard to resources currently controlled striving to build services that have real-world value for my beloved continent and beyond while having fun along the way. Good recycling of nutrients, Hygienic reuse of wastes, And this is ecological sanitation; Sanitation is sanity at its height. You can also read more about Mbugua Njihia and his work on his personal blogcompany website and follow him on Twitter as mbuguanjihia.

We must fear the dangers of poor sanitation: We need to tame the leachate and pathogens, This is a collective combat, Governments should surely help; Sanitary sewer overflows must stop; Sanitation is sanity at its height. Garden is built for the typical SME merchant; individuals who have never interacted with eCommerce at all or who have been exposed to the concept of digital trade but found the experience to be incompatible with their business structure, a position that was yet to find a minder.

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It is good for Symbiotic in that he helps design policies to protect the industry. Mbugua loves the great outdoors but sometimes mbuuga development of this interest is curbed by business. Symbiotic Media Symbiotic is a hybrid tech company that mainly builds mobile applications and services for companies. Its a case of the left hand not knowing what the right is doing.

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Their services however sell themselves. Equipped with a good internet connection and no particular social life, Mbugua committed himself to his work; even working through Sunday each week. Some of their products are SembuseTuma SMSshort code services and developing other mobile contents for their more thanusers. Each and every webmaster needs to host his websites somewhere right?

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