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The back artwork view left shows Marais' arm. Early versions of the 12" single in the UK and a few other countries such as Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Spain didn't have the band's name on the front. Most 12"s from Germany show the band's name, but some early copies don't.

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The other etching is a line taken from "This Charming Man". Additional release date information: UK 7" and 12": The most common promo was a stock copy of the 7" with a Scott Piering contact info sticker on the back of the sleeve. It usually came with a press release in A4 format, with release information and upcoming live dates on one side, and a black and white reproduction of the single's artwork on the other.

Some copies without the promo sticker were also distributed with a press release.

This Charming Man (single)

A few green label test pressing 7"s were also distributed in the UK for earlier and more limited promotion of this single. These also have a Scott Piering sticker on them and are also paired with a press release. The New-York mixes 12" promos were slipped inside a generic white sleeve and had 'vocal' and 'instrumental' stickers on the labels which were stamped with "Scott Piering promotions". The 7" and 12" promos had the same content as the stock copies and were slipped in the usual stock sleeves, but their labels were black and white versions with added promo warnings.

A 5-track various artists promo EP Because this single was never released in Brazil, and the song is not even featured on the debut album there, and because this promo is from , it is unclear what release was being promoted. It has been speculated that this may have served to promote "Hatful of Hollow", but the version of "This Charming Man" on the latter album is neither one featured on the promo.

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The promo mentions the source album for other artists featured on it, but not for the Smiths. Stock copies of the Intercord 7" were sent to radio paired with a colour Intercord press release with a rainbow across it. Stock copies of both the 7" and the 12" were distributed for promotion with a 'Not For Resale' sticker on the label on side B.

Quotes on the New York mix of the title track "It is an absolute thorn. It was completely the people at Rough Trade's idea.

The Smiths - This Charming Man (Guitar Cover)

They introduced it very innocuously to begin with. When the American record company wanted it it seemed slightly harmful, but it happened anyways, and when it was released to English clubs and then it was a national release, simply because people demanded it If ads still aren't showing, look into tweaking your browser settings so that they start to show. Thank you for supporting our work. The Smiths Sire Company Producer: This Charming Man by Stars This Charming Man by Braid This Charming Man by Mensch Unique and indispensable, like ' Blue Monday ' and ' Karma Chameleon ' — that's better!

Some of it has found its way onto the Smiths' record, 'This Charming Man'. It jangles and crashes and Morrissey jumps in the middle with his mutant choir-boy voice, sounding jolly and angst-ridden at the same time. It should be given out on street corners to unsuspecting passers-by of all ages. AllMusic 's Ned Raggett noted that "Early Elvis would have approved of the music, Wilde of the words", and described the track as "an audacious end result by any standard". It might as well be called 'This Charming Song'.

The sound of that guitar intro was incredible. The lyrics are fuckin' amazing, too.

People say Morrissey's a miserable cunt, but I knew straight away what he was on about. During an appearance on Top of the Pops , Morrissey appeared waving gladioli. His very English, camp glumness was a revolt into Sixties kitchen-sink greyness against the gaudiness of the Eighties new wave music , as exemplified by Culture Club and their ilk. The Smiths' subject matter may have been 'squalid' but there was a purity of purpose about them that you messed with at your peril.

They came into work and said 'Fuckin' hell, did you see that poof on "Top of the Pops" with the bush in his back pocket?

On 28 October , the "Manchester" version was released in the UK in 7" and 12" formats, reaching number 25 in the UK charts. WEA re-released the single itself in to support the Best The reissued single reached number 8 on the British singles chart, the band's highest chart placing.

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The track was intended to be pressed in limited numbers for New York club DJs. They said 'Go ahead', then didn't like it so it was withdrawn. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the Danish short film, see This Charming Man film. Jangle pop pop rock. Retrieved 23 November Retrieved 28 August Retrieved 22 March Universal Music Publishing Group. Retrieved 27 April Archived from the original on 24 May Retrieved 11 May The New York Times.