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To some, fitness is very important.

This New Fitness-Dating App Solves All Of Your Millennial Problems

And for those people, this interest is very important to seek in a partner. Fitness Singles understands this, and has dedicated an entire website to support these hard-bodied singles in their search for love. However, where Fitness Singles does display its uniqueness is in their profiles, where members list their top three fitness activities and disclose how skilled they are in each.

This is a helpful tool considering the fitness activities one enjoys can reveal dual commonalities or even suggest what members could do together on a date. However, if somebody is hoping to find a physically fit partner online , Fitness Singles seems like a worthwhile place to start. Aside from the necessary information required of every dating website, Fitness Singles also asks members to disclose their primary fitness activities where they are to choose a top three , and then list the skill level of each from beginner to pro.

Members are then able to include additional fitness activities should they choose to do so.

Sweatt: the dating app for fitness freaks

Next, members are asked to describe their physical attributes from various drop-down menus that address things like body type, weight, and best feature. Once this is completed, members are met with a similar format to disclose personal details such as their religion, if they have children, and if they want children. Before moving on to the next step, members disclose the languages they speak, and details about their lifestyle. There is a difference. The flaws are in how it markets what a healthy lifestyle looks and feels like.

Single Fit - Dating App Review

Just ask a single mom who runs after her 2-year-old, or New Yorkers who are forced to walk everywhere. We have dating apps for everyone from Mormons to gun lovers, so why should this be any different? If people are so obsessed with fitness that they only want to date someone similarly obsessed with fitness, then I say great—let them have their own app.

Let them force their own kind into romantic 7 a. By Rina Raphael 3 minute Read.

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